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Richfeel Ana Tea (World's First Hair Drink), 50 Gm

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India's most trusted hair care brand 'Richfeel' introduces the world's first healthy hair drink. Ana Tea is specially formulated with active ingredients that help maintain your hair's natural growth cycle.

Ingredient-wise benefits -

1.    Pea Sprout - Reduces hair fall by extending Anagen phase of hair, improves blood circulation to scalp, adds strength and lustre to hair and stimulates hair growth

2.    Walnuts - Helps fight hair thinning and dryness

3.    Brahmi - Excellent stress buster which controls auto immune disorders.

4.    Amla - Strengthens hair follicles, nourishes hair from the root and gives shine to the hair

5.    Green tea - Helps block negative effect of DHT, prevention of dandruff and dry scalp

6.    Flax seed - Prevents hair breakage by increasing hair elasticity. So, go ahead and have Richfeel Anatea for healthy hair with every sip!


Brewing instructions  -
1. Place the tea bag in a cup. Pour freshly boiled water into the cup.
2. Brew the tea bag for about 2 minutes or till you get the desired colour.
3. Remove tea bag. Add honey if you like it sweet.

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