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De-Tan Combo with CTM Freebie KIT

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Tanning is inevitable but getting rid of Tan is not! We have the perfect combo to get rid of the unwanted Tan and get even toned skin

1. Calendula Soap

Start By cleansing your face and body with the Anti bacterial Calendula Soap. The effective properties of Calendula helps brighten your complexion

2.Almond Massage Cream + Skin Lightening Lotion

Post cleansing, Massage your face with Almond Massage cream and add a few drops of Skin Lightening lotion to it.
Almond is rich in Vitamin E which helps in brightening and the skin lightening lotion are made of Berberis and cucumber extract which is formulated mainly for detan!

3.DeTan Facial kit

This DIY kit is made up of pomegranate extracts and should be used weekly. It instantly brightens up the skin give it an even toned look!
There you go! You can enjoy those sun kissed moments with no fear of tanning (:
Weight 280gm

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