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Richfeel Hair Strenghtening Combo Kit with CTM Freebie KIT

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Common cause of hair fall & balding is weak hair roots. We have curated a combo that specifically works on the roots thereby making it stronger. No dirt or pollution can affect your skin's ph and weaken its roots. This kit comprises-

1.Brahmi Jaborandi Hair Oil

Enriched with the goodness of Brahmi and Jabrodi. It is a hair & Scalp nourisher which is a prerequisite for healthy dandruff-free hair.

2.Hair Nourisher

This pioneering product of Richfeel conditions and nourishes the hair to keep it strong and healthy. It reduces hair fall and helps to vitalize & strengthen the hair. Mix this wil the Brahmi Jaborandi Oil and apply!

3.Shampoo With Arnica

Completely gets rid of dandruff and cleanses the scalp

4.Hair Repair

Untangles & instantly enhances the texture of your hair. It repairs the hair cuticles to give you an instant shine. Also helps repair split ends.
Weight 200ml

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