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Skin Whitening Facial Kit 5x50gx3 Combo

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Richfeel Skin Whitening Facial kit takes care of all your tanning woes in an instant and gives you radiant looking, brighter skin. Features: Skin brightening facial kit all skin types Powerful formulation for improving the complexion Adds glow, radiance and brightness to the skin Excellent for all types of tanned skin The kit contains the following steps- : Skin Whitening Cleanser: This face cleanser helps get rid of built up skin secretions, dust, dirt as well as cleanses makeup and impurities from sin. Skin Whitening Scrub: This gentle scrub removes grime, dirt and keep the skin cleansed and infection free. Skin Whitening Gel: A calming, refreshing gel to fight the effects of stress around the eyes. It is also enriched with aromatic extracts of peach and plant extracts of badiaga. Skin Whitening Massage Cream: A nourishing massage cream that lightens tanned skin and keeps it supple, smooth. Skin Whitening Pack: This pack will give you visibly clear and glowing skin.
Weight 250gm
Skin/Hair Type All Skin Type